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Benefits include:

  • Same Day Service for Urgent Issues
  • 24x7 Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance
  • Predictable and consistent pricing

All IT Supported proudly provides IT support services in Boston, and understands the day to day challenges of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Our IT services will free you up to focus on running your business, and not worrying about your IT infrastructure. Let us handle the IT support - focus on what you do best!

What you can Expect from All IT Supported

  • Same Day Response to critical issues - Whether its a server down, or complete network outage, we've got you covered.
  • Over 80% of our service calls are performed remotely - you will be talking to a real, Boston-based IT support engineer within seconds, who will be working on your problem immediately.
  • Issues resolved right the first time - Our 30 day guarantee and focus on customer support ensures that networks stay up, virus stay removed, and business stay running, after the first time the problem is fixed. Our support is backed by our amazing guarantee, we never charge to fix the same thing twice.
  • Expert Knowledge from Industry Professionals - All IT Supported has over 100 years of combined technical expertise at your disposal. Our experienced remote support engineers, account and service managers, and onsite engineers will bring their advanced expertise to bear on your problem.
  • Goal-oriented: Technology is only as good as the results it delivers, and we focus on evaluating and leverage multiple technologies to achieve the best results at the best price in the shortest amount of time, for our clients

Our Boston IT Services Include

  • Instant Remote Support for Critical Issues
  • Same Day Onsite Support with a 3-4 hour response time
  • Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Windows Server, and Quickbooks Support
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring and reporting services
  • Preventative Maintenance for your entire IT Infrastructure
  • Virtual CTO Services
  • VOIP and Telephony Support
  • Cabling, Inside Wiring, and Electrical support
  • Audio/Visual, TV, Kiosk, and Point of Sale (POS) support
  • General Computer Repair & Service


Managed IT Services and Ongoing IT Support

When we lost our in house IT support under tragic circumstances we needed someone who could come in and understand our needs, infrastructure, operational requirements, and guarantee the continuity in our systems operations. After a few failed experiences with others, All I.T. Supported was our choice. From day one Greg, Christian, Gilbert, Ilya, and Corey have made every effort to understand our requirements and keep us operating 24/7/365. From server installations, upgrades, network security, infrastructure build out, to fixing the infamous “blue screen of death” their response and performance has been flawless. In fact, if you were unaware of our organization you would conclude that All I.T. Supported is a part of the Flatley Discovery Lab family. In my 30 plus years of R&D operations including directing IT efforts, I have never been more satisfied with an outcome. Coupled with their courteous, professional and unobtrusive staff, I can give All IT my unreserved recommendation to address your Boston IT services.

- John Ferkany, Flatley Discovery Lab

Case Studies

Client has 35 Windows 7 and Vista pc’s that pass all requirements for upgrading from BPOS to Office 365. An initial network assessment was performed and no migration issues were found. The client has 5 locations spread out over 5 different geographic areas throughout the country.


To initiate the migration, Microsoft had to be involved. The previous IT Support vendor was let go, but they had already set a scheduled migration date. One of the main challenges was that Microsoft incorrectly initiated their part of the migration ahead of schedule, causing delays in implementation. Onsite Service Engineers had to be rescheduled and sent onsite early, and senior staff on the client’s side had to be kept informed of project progress. Because the Client has a very high amount of sales staff that operate on deadlines, this put additional pressure on ALL IT Supported to complete the project quickly.  Additionally, because the branch offices were in separate  geographic areas, each office had to have a separate engineer assigned during a specific time. Lastly, because there was only 1 lead Remote Support Engineer, if there were any problems at a location, the onsite service engineer had to wait until the Remote Support Engineer was free to report the problem and wait his place in line. Despite all requests for updates being routed through a designated point of contact with the client, and through the Service Manager at the All IT Supported side, stress on the client side was extremely high and staff members were getting very frustrated.


All IT Supported assigned 5 onsite service engineers, 1 to each location to provide tier 1 support to the client. The entire project had a designed Service Manager, and a leading level 2 Remote Support Engineer that kept in contact with Microsoft and worked to resolve glitches at each location. At one location, a pc that was diagnosed with last minute glitches was removed and taken offline and replaced with a spare.  During the migration, a Service Manager reported updates to the designated point of contact at the Client, and discussed and adjusted the timeline with the level 2 Remote Support Engineer. Dispatch Coordinators routed onsite service engineers and updated the Service Manager on arrival/departure times. The onsite service engineers provided on-the-ground support, and followed all instructions to smoothly migration the Microsoft BPOS system to Office 365. The migration was completely over the course of a weekend, and resulted in only 4 hours of total email downtime during the regular work week. 

A small medical practice reported unability to access any files, as well as loss of ability to send/receive email, as well as accessing their electronic medical records software. 

Case Study Initial Diagnosis and Environment: Upon arrival, All IT Supported discovered the following environment:

  • 1 Small Business Server 2003
  • 3 workstations
  • 1 main file share for documents
  • 1 main file share for server-based medical records application
  • Kaspersky Antivirus on all workstations
  • No antivirus on the server
  • Inability to access the main file share for documents*
  • Inability to access main file share for medical records application

*Prior to losing access to the main document file share, the client reported that all documents became renamed with the .DONE extension and were unable to be opened in any normal viewer programs

Diagnosis: Upon analysis, All IT Supported diagnosed the following issues.

The server was infected with a ransomware  virus that encrypted all key documents, several critical medical records application files, and several critical system files. This resulted in data corruption of  the medical records software, loss of file sharing capability, and inability to access any documents.  The ransomware virus also left a note offering an email where to send a sample of the encrypted files, as well as a generated key.

All IT Supported determined that the most likely point of entry for the virus was the server’s open port 3389. The server was incorrectly setup as the router/gateway with the client’s wireless router setup as an access point.


Upon researching this virus, it was determined that the files were encrypted with a 1024-bit key and would be impossible to decrypt without the help of a decryptor. As a backup method, All IT Supported sent several files as well as a copy of the key to the email address listed, to explore the possibility of paying the ransom. No reply or headway was ever made from this method.

All IT Supported determined that the Server required a complete reinstall to be functional. The ransomware virus corrupted key areas of the system directory and would not allow the server to be repaired. The Client had recently ordered a new server, with no O/S. All IT Supported performed a fresh install of  Small Business Server 2008 on the new server, upgraded all drivers and latest software Service Packs and Patches, and migrated Exchange Mailboxes. It was determined that the Microsoft Exchange 2003 component of Small Business Server 2003 was not damaged, and an import/export was performed to import all the mailboxes into the included Exchange 2007.

All IT also loaded the most recently available backup of file documents. Unfortunately the backups were very old, and the client had to work to re-enter a substantial amount of data to bring the documents up to currency.

The hardest step was bringing back the medical records application. The vendor was no longer in business, and the original consultant who set up the system had to be located, and utilized to re-mount the most recent copy of the data from backups. Once again, the backups were very old, and the Client had to begin the arduous process of rebuilding the database and re-entering recent data from scratch.

All IT Supported setup the Small Business Server as the DHCP server, but changed the client’s wireless router as the gateway, to add an additional firewall to the network. The Small Business Server’s remote desktop (RDP) functionality was also disabled to add a further layer of safety.

All passwords were changed, and a new password policy was implemented with a higher level of required complexity.

As a last step, All IT Supported, setup an online backup system through Ibackup, as well as setup volume shadow copies, and a full backup to an external hard drive as a 3-way data backup strategy.  Additionally All IT Supported installed Avira Server Antivirus on the Small Business Server 2008 to improve protection against future threats. 

Server 2003 Active Directory Recovery and Domain Rebuild 

Initial Diagnosis and Environment: A Boston, Massachusetts-based marketing company reached to All IT Supported with an emergency need. Its existing IT Service Providers were independent

consultants that had acquired full time employment and had difficulty being available when the client needed them to be. Additionally they did not have weekend hours of availability.

All IT Supported arrived onsite within 4 hours of the call, on a late saturday morning. The client had 10 workstations, and 2 windows 2003 servers on 2 different domains, due to the
fact that they were running 2 different legal entities and the previous provider chose to create 2 different domains without any transitive trust between them. One of the domain controllers
sustained an operating system failure and was not booting into windows. Despite multiple attempts, using BART PE, and MS DART ERD Commander Startup Recovery tools, All IT was unable
to restore the Active Directory Services, despite getting the Server to boot almost all the way through. Upon searching, no Active Directory backups were available, despite there being
a current online backup of critical data.

Challenges: The main 2 challenges was preserving user settings and maintaining the exact user environment while restoring the domain controller Active Directory role.


It was decided to rebuild the domain from scratch and perform a restore of data from online backup. The server received a fresh installation of Server 2003, and all data
files were successfully restored. Network Printers were mapped properly to the server as well. Once all drivers and software updates were installed and the server was fully backed up,
All IT Supported began unjoining the workstations from the old domain and joining them to the new domain. In the process, several of the workstations required a reset of the local Administrator
password using ERD Commander and MS DART tools. Once the workstations were unjoined, and then rejoined, the old domain profile was backed up to a special folder, and then transferred over to
the new domain account. Each computer was tested for network printing, and network file sharing capability. Once all computers were done, the security software on each machine was
evaluated for currency, and Avira Antivirus was recommended for the entire network.

Boston APC UPS Replacement & Branch Office Support

Initial Diagnosis and Environment:

A Nationwide Financial Services company requested onsite service at its branch office in downtown Boston. All IT Supported was called out the same day to troubleshoot a faulty APC UPS unit in the telecom closet. Work had to be done after hours due to the high likelyhood of Voice and Data services being disrupted during the service call.


All IT Supported arrived onsite within 3 hours of the service requested, just after the office closed for the day and contacted the client's internal helpdesk as instructed. The APC UPS unit was powered down, and a new battery that was dropped shipped, was installed. Existing equipment was powered down prior to the installation. After the install was complete, all equipment was powered back on, and all network switches, voip phones, and overall internet and network connectivity was tested in conjunction with the internal helpdesk.

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