ADS  - Emergency Server Support

Challenge: ADS  required periodic onsite support for its server co-location facility in a rural area without the presence of a full time IT staff. ADS wanted a dedicated provider
that would provide onsite support within 2-3 hours of receiving a service call request. Additionally, since the server colocation facility had restricted access, ADS required the same
engineer to go onsite every time. Lastly, ADS wanted a fixed monthly bill with a useable block of onsite hours at a discounted rate.

Solution: ALL IT screened its network of partners and came up with a dedicated partner in the required area of the country, to provide emergency server support. Security Keys were created
and stored in a safe location to grant access to the engineer when it was necessary. Additionally, a custom contract was designed to offer a discounted rate with a pre-paid block of onsite
time to allow for a fixed IT service budget for that location.


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