Data Recovery and Server Installation


Challenge: Reed Portrait group contained a large amount of critical data files on an aging server that was not backed up. They initially requested repair of their linux based server because it could not be accessed by client pc's, however after diagnosis by ALL IT, it was discovered that the motherboard, as well as 2 of the hard drives were failing.

Solution: ALL IT installed a new NAS server with RAID 1, and began the data transfer. After some of the data was transferred to the new server, the original server had crashed, and it was
discovered that the server was setup incorrectly with a RAID level 0 across 4 drives; which meant that if 1 of the drives had failed, the data on all 4 would be lost. ALL IT carefully attempted
to re-mount the drives and was able to copy a substantial amount of the data over to the new server, without costly data recovery fees. The new server was setup not only with RAID 1, for
total redundancy of the data, but also with a hot spare drive as a backup, and a scheduled backup to a 4th drive. An online backup option was also strongly recommended but ultimately declined
by the customer.


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