EBSI - Small Business Server Repair Migration and Support


Challenge: EBSI - a full service employee benefits firm, had an existing Small Business Server installation, that was malfunctioning. The server was installed
recently, but it was frequently disconnecting from the internet, as well as refusing to send and receive properly through its Exchange Server component. Despite several short term fixes, it
was determined that the server was never installed correctly, and EBSI decided to return the server to the original vendor and to migrate its settings and data to a new server, purchased
through ALL IT Supported. The existing server was crashing frequently and refusing to prepare itself for migration, despite ALL IT following best practices methods.

Solution: All IT Supported purchased a server with identical hardware, as well as Small Business Server version, to make the migration as smooth as possible. ALL IT also followed Microsoft's
best practices and guidelines for server-to-server migration, and was able to complete the migration with minimal downtime for the end user, despite substantial bumps in the migration process. The new
server flawlessly connected to the internet and utilized its Microsoft Exchange and email archiving capabilities properly, as well as provided Antivirus, data backup capabilities. The entire
project took substantially longer than initially estimated due to major issues with migrating the broken server Active Directory Schema and email data. By reducing the difference in hardware
and software on the new target server, doing additional research on Microsoft troubleshooting methods, and following step by step best practices, ALL IT was able to deliver on this project.


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