Data Recovery Services

When disaster strikes your first thought is to reach for your backups. But did you know that over 50% of recovery attempts from tape media fail?
First and foremost All IT recommends installing a comprehensive external and offsite backup solution after performing a backup needs assessment. If however
you are in a situation where you are unable to restore data from backups, All IT can help by performing multiple tiers of Data Recovery.

Step 1: Onsite Diagnostic and Assessment:

All IT will perform a comprehensive analysis of the data loss situation and identify whether the problem lies with
hardward or software. All IT will also classify the data recovery as either a stage 1 or 2.

Tier 1 Data Recovery:

This tier of recovery is performed on site and is ideal when there is no physical damage to the hard drives, and if the Raid is intact. In this case
partition or os corruption issues occur, and our onsite service engineers will safely transfer data to an external medium, and then migrate it back onto your network.

Tier 2 Data Recovery:

In case of hardware failure, especially raid drive failure or extreme file deletion by malicious viruses, All IT sends the drives to a dedicated clean
room data recovery facility. ALL IT partners will multiple clean room labs to provide the fastest turnaround, with the most complete recovery at the lowest price. Multiple priority and
shipping levels are available.