Nationwide DEMARC Extension Services

  • Nationwide Delivery of Service with Fortune 500 Experience
  • Available Anytime, Anywhere
  • Inside Wiring, DEMARC Extensions, Turn-ups
  • eCPE and Other Circuit Equipment Installation
  • All Telecom Circuit Types
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Simplified Billing
  • Consistent Resource Credentials and Industry Certifications
  • Experienced in 100’s of multi-location rollouts across the
  • United States
  • Reliable Resource for ISPs, IXCs, MSPs, CLECs and ILECs


Although our clients frequently initiate service calls for inside wiring, DEMARC (demarcation)  extensions require a specific breed of onsite network engineer that is intimately aware of the complex requirements of ISP turn-ups and DEMARC extensions.

DEMARC extensions are the most important piece of your branch office or franchise locations’ internet infrastructure as it is the direct link between your internal wiring and the ISP’s minimum point of entry.

You will need your onsite service engineer, to understand LEC (Local Exchange Carrier) procedures, as well as understand the types of CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) you are working with.

Network/Telecom Extension Service on a Nationwide Scale

All IT Supported offers extended DEMARC services on a nationwide scale, with a next business day (NBD) response time-frame, anytime, anywhere. Our dedicated account managers will help you initiate a work order within minutes, and have a certified, experienced onsite service engineer onsite at a location of your choice, with simplified billing and work order management. All IT Supported handles all aspects of the service call from initial creation of specifications, to coordinating check in/check out procedures and follow up service call quality control.

Our Clients

Our clients include the types of companies that benefit tremendously from a nationwide workforce with predictable availability and consistent qualifications:

  • ISPs
  • IXCs
  • MSPs
  • CLECs
  • ILECs

Our Workforce

All of our onsite network engineers possess years of experience, a proven track record working directly with telecom circuits, as well as up-to-date industry certifications.  Additionally, we make a best effort to send the same engineer to the site on repeat visits, making troubleshooting, and follow-up visits shorter, and more affordable as the engineer becomes more involved in that specific environment.