Smart Hands Nationwide Onsite Support

Why fly staff to your branch office, when All IT Supported can send a certified onsite service engineer to your remote location. 

All IT Supported' Smart Hands service is an on-call/onsite service where an onsite service engineer is dispatched to your branch office or 
client location on your behalf to provide support in coordination with your internal helpdesk team. 

ALl IT Supported' staff is on-site, not just on-call - so our clients can skip the "midnight run" to the data center. Our support services have been designed to allow you to focus on your core business instead of spending time away from the office for things like rebooting a server, assembling a new rack, removing a virus, running cable, wireless networking setup, installing a cabinet, or swapping tapes. Our remote services staff acts as an extension of your internal  IT team; we offer technical labor services to manage the day-to-day activities required to support your IT environment.

All IT Supported' On-Site Smart Hands Services include:

  • Routine Physical Inspections
  • Hardware Installations
  • Backup Tape Changes
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Wireless and Wired Network Troubleshooting
  • Office Adds/Changes/Moves/Expansion
  • Workstation/PC/Laptop Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • Staff Training and Support
  • Large Scale Office Rollout and Deployment Assistance
  • Power Cycling, Server Reboots
  • Cross-Connect Installation and Testing
  • Network Cable Installations or Modifications
  • Staff Augmentation and Helpdesk Services
  • Inside Wiring/Cat 5 & 6 Wiring
  • Network Equipment Setup and Configuration
  • T1/PRI/DEMARC Extensions and Circuit Turn-ups

Best of all, Smart Hands is a 100% White Label Branded Solution, so your customers receive a predictable customer service experience. 


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