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Second Opinion Security Tool: HitmanPro by Surfright

Second Opinion
If your child feels ill, your doctor tells you that he cannot find anything, but your child still shows symptoms of an infection, what do you do? You go to visit another doctor for a second opinion.
So if your computer acts weird, your doctor (the Antivirus program) tells you he cannot find anything, but the computer still shows symptoms of an infection, what do you do? Correct! You go to visit another ‘doctor’ for a second opinion.
I have an Antivirus program on my computer so I am protected, right?
You would think so. But unfortunately that’s not the case. In tests by independent test organizations such as AV-Comparatives,  AntiVirus programs  miss between 9% and 0.5% in the ‘real-world test’. And in a ‘proactive test against new/unknown malicious software’, AntiVirus programs missed between 18% and 3%. In other words: There is no program that protects you for 100%.
Real-world tests with HitmanPro
These results were derived from laboratory results. But what are the results in real-world scenario? For this we scanned nearly 500,000 computers in the period of April 1 to June 30, 2012 with HitmanPro. First of all, we noticed that 307,000 computers (63%) had an active and up-to-date AntiVirus installed. Thus a staggering 37% (!!) of the computers did not have an active and up-to-date AntiVirus.
From the 307,000 computers with an AntiVirus program, 26% was still infected. That’s not good. People expect that their AntiVirus program protects them, but the reality is that they don’t stop all threats. But don’t throw away your AntiVirus program yet. From the 180,000 computers without an AntiVirus program, 47% was infected. So a good AntVirus program definitely helps.
1) Just relying on your AntiVirus program is not enough. You do need a second opinion such as HitmanPro to help you keep your PC free from viruses. After all, a scan with HitmanPro is free and takes only a few minutes. And if it does not find anything, you have 2 programs saying your computer is not infected.
2) Spend a few minutes to select which AntiVirus program to use. Don’t decide on brand name or on price only. Use public information from trusted independent sources such as PC Magazine, AV-Test, and AV-Comparatives, and choose one of the top performers from all 3 sources.
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