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Our Customer Successes


Digital kiosks do two things: supply a type of service and introduce your company to potential customers. They’re pretty important, as far as brand reach goes. All IT Supported has custom Kiosk solutions to give you the brand reach that you want. We will help you design custom kiosks that perfectly represent your business and need, whether for single-site or nationwide deployments and installations.

Quality and ISO-Certified Kiosk Services

We’ll do the heavy-lifting. In style. 

We will take care of everything, from equipment staging, shipping, and installation, to wiring the network and setting up your kiosks’ systems. Every All IT kiosk installation meets ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 quality management standards. Your custom kiosks will be built using market-leading products exclusively, all fully-covered by their manufacturers’ warranties.

Timely and Scalable Technology Rollouts

We do everything within your deadline and your budget. We will work with you to minimize your costs and maximize your results, arranging your BOM to be up to scale with your project’s range.

All IT’s kiosk installation services will help you increase your own value and maximize your client’s success. Call us and get custom cost-effective kiosks cut out for your context today.


Nationwide Kiosk Installations

Need kiosks in multiple locations across the US? No need to book flights for your IT team. Call us through our Smart Hands service and our qualified on-call technicians will be with you onsite to provide the full suite of our kiosk installation services.

All IT offers local and strategic solutions that are tailored to your brand’s objectives, niche demographics, and environment. We have successfully collaborated with hundreds of companies nationwide, big and small, to meet every aesthetic, functional, and design requirement they had. Our record of over 100,000 units deployed across the country and a long trail of satisfied clients speak for themselves.


In-Design Process

Content Development

Site Survey

Hardware Shipment and Logistics

Full Kiosk Assembly and Installation

Signage Installation

Trades Provision

Kiosk Clean-ups

Device Maintenance

Building & Mall Permits

Removal or Relocation