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Disposing electronics responsibly is not as easy as it looks. But, we’ll handle it for you. Start the responsible way of recycling electronics now!

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E Recycling

We offer closed-loop recycling services that will enable you to ensure eco-friendly processing of your electronic waste.

Discarded electronics are made up of complex designs with predominant materials such as glass, plastics, and metals. These materials need to be processed and separated into clean commodity streams to make new products.

Computer and Electronics Recycling Services

Disposing electronics responsibly is not as easy as it looks. But, we’ll handle it for you.


Step 1 – Receiving and Sorting

Once we’ve picked up your e-waste, we’ll take it to one of our facilities, where we’ll sort and process it. Then, we can report by weight and item, whichever is your preference for reporting.

Step 2 – Hazard Management

The next step is to remove hazardous materials such as batteries, toner/ink, mercury bulbs found in some scanners/printers, and other potential landfill contaminants. We then ensure that all hazardous materials are properly disposed of in a compliant manner.

Step 3 – Shredding

The third step involves shredding recyclable materials into small pieces to prepare them for recycling. Again, our partner facilities use automated industrial shredders in credited and safe environments.

Step 4 – Sorting of Commodities

And modern machinery that can automatically separate plastic, glass, and steel.

Step 5 – Collection and Shipment of Separated Commodities

We’ll group all your recyclables and ship them to our partner manufacturers, where your e-waste will be used to create new products. This eliminates mining and sourcing precious earth materials, minimizing your carbon footprint, pollution contribution, and energy and water consumption at minimized levels.

Did you know that only 17.4% of 2019’s e-waste was collected and recycled?

Aside from recyclable resources that businesses are throwing away, many hazardous wastes are not disposed of properly. For example, E-waste disposed of in undesignated landfills can break down into toxic chemicals that can seep into the groundwater, causing problems for land, sea animals, and crops.

That’s why it’s worth looking at how we can all improve the statistics.

Here are some reasons why your company should consider hiring e-recycling services:


  • check circleReduce mining of Earth’s finite resources, such as minerals and metallic elements.
  • check circleHelp manufacturers use more environmentally-friendly sources of resources.
  • check circleHelp lessen the usage of landfills. When you fail to recycle e-waste, they end up in landfills. It’s just a matter of time before the toxic
  • check circlematerials make their way to nearby bodies of water.
  • check circleSave land and energy. The production of plastics, metals, and glass uses considerable energy and land.
  • check circleHelp promote the integrity of agricultural soil. For example, toxic chemicals from e-waste make soil poisonous from plant growth.
  • check circlePreserve the planet. Avoid environmental hazards from leaching metals, toxic gases, and dust from mining and burning waste by opting for the safe recycling of e-waste.
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