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Extending Network Range and Capabilities


Extending Network Range and Capabilities

About the Client:
A sizeable temporary staffing services provider with over 500 locations nationwide

In order to ensure business operations continuity, businesses with multisite locations need to secure stronger network connections in all branches. Because of this, the need for extensive onsite IT support is in high demand.

For this case study, we will talk about how All I.T. was able to provide extended network range and capabilities for over 500 locations in over three months.


The Challenge:
Urgent Need To Secure Extended Network Range and Capabilities for client’s branch offices across the United States

The client has over 500 temporary staffing offices across the country. Due to a need arising from the project’s sheer scale, their internal remote IT support team required more technicians to perform DEMARC extensions to extend their network connections from their branch office buildings to all of their temporary client sites.

Extending Network Range and Capabilities for multisite locations all it
The Solution:
Deployment of All IT Nationwide Onsite Support Team (Network Installation)

The client’s IT department contacted All IT Supported to conduct a demarcation extension project. All IT promptly alerted our field technicians upon receiving the request. The work began as soon as our field service technicians arrived onsite. They extended T1 cabling from the respective DEMARC points to the client’s back closets in their temp offices.

The field technician installed a router in each office and used patch cabling for each location. After each installation, our field service technicians coordinated with the internal support team to configure the network and provide support. After, post-installation tests were carried out on each location to ensure all employees had a reliable internet connection before our service technicians departed the sites.

network installation for multisite location
The Result: Successful Completion of the Project within a Week

With the additional and focused help from the All I.T. team of IT Field Service technicians, the network range extension was successfully completed for all 500-plus sites in just a matter of three months and this was actually a few weeks earlier than the original deadline set.


What are Full-scale Network Cabling Solutions?

Network cabling solutions cover the needs of clients for new ISPs, adding network capabilities to new buildings, site surveys, and preparing the network infrastructure for a remote satellite office.

All I.T. ensures that our clients are able to meet service footprint expectations anywhere and anytime by prioritizing the client’s goals of productivity and cost-efficiency.

If you need cabling services, call the experts. All IT Supported is your best choice for data, voice, and video cabling. We’ll give you all the information you need to choose the right cabling for your needs.


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