1 Call Extends Your Onsite IT Service Footprint to the Entire United States

Smart Hands by All I.T. is a comprehensive Onsite IT support service for multi site companies, that solves the problem of having to fly your internal IT staff to your remote branches. It is an on-site service where we dispatch a certified IT professional to a site of your choice, or several sites at once. We handle everything from dispatch, check in/check out, to making sure the resource has the right qualifications.  So what can Smart Hands do for you? 

Routine Physical Inspections
Backup Tape Changes
Wireless and Wired Network Troubleshooting
Staff Augmentation & Helpdesk Services
Office Adds, Changes & Expansions
Staff Training & Support
Power Cycling & Server Reboots
Inside Wiring/Cat 5 & 6 Wiring
Hardware Installation
Virus & Spyware Removal
Cross-Connect Installation & Testing
Network Equipment Setup & Configuration
Computer Config & Troubleshoouting
Large Scale Office Rollout & Deployment Assistance
Network Cable Installations or Modifications
T1, PRI, DEMARC Extensions & Circuit Turn-ups