Wireless Site Surveys


Wireless local area networks (WLAN) are a staple to an efficient workplace. However, poorly implemented wireless systems can lead to Internet outages and inefficiencies. This means losses in time and productivity for your firm.

All IT’s wireless site surveys can help prevent these problems by identifying dead zones and areas with RF interference. We set up your access points to give you fast and reliable Internet for your environment.

Extensive and Reliable Wireless Site Surveys

Good business means expansion, and expansion means new IT infrastructure. Whether you’re setting up a new branch, moving to a better space, or looking to upgrade your wireless capabilities at a client location, deploying your IT team is not always possible or feasible.

Let All IT be your hands and feet. We have the expertise to meet your firms' WLAN coverage and configuration requirements. Our Cisco-certified primary technicians are ready to be on the ground at a moment’s notice anywhere in the continental United States.

onsite surveys
wireless site survey

Leaving No Dead Zone Unturned

We conduct all types of wireless site surveys at your request. You will be handed a full report after the survey, complete with a bill of materials and diagrammed recommendations regarding the ideal number, positioning, and configuration of wireless access points onsite.

Don’t take your chances. Choose All IT Supported and guarantee efficiency in your wireless network today.


Predictive Surveys

Your site will be simulated and studied for potential RF interference based on mathematical algorithms.

Onsite Surveys

Our experts will assess your site and conduct tests to locate interference and determine optimum access point placement.

Verification Surveys

Your existing WLAN infrastructure and site will be inspected for connectivity and coverage issues for troubleshooting or optimization.