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As a nationwide I.T service provider, our technicians offer a variety of skill sets and expertise. To be part of All I.T. technicians team, every technician has to have the minimum set of requirements:

  • He/she must have A+ and Net+ Certifications.
  • He/she should have completed 100 service calls in a client-facing role.
  • He/she must pass the standard criminal background check with flying colors.

All I.T. has a full-time recruitment team that focuses on seeking and vetting qualified sole proprietor technicians across the country. We are them as contractors directly with our team. We do not outsource to local businesses or subcontract out to third-party platforms or other companies.

We guarantee next business day turnaround time to have onsite technicians where you need them. We offer a best-effort 4-6 hour turnaround time for same-day requests.

Currently, our team services the following regions:

  • CONUS: (Continental United States)
  • Canada (Major Metro City Areas)

If you wish to work with us, you have 3 options to book jobs:

  • The first option is to book us through the client portal, which you’ll find on our website. Anyone authorized to submit tickets will have credentials to book through our portal and ticketing platform Connectwise.
  • The second option is to submit a request via email (
  • The third and final option to book a job is to request via phone. Give us the details, and our All I.T. Project Coordination team will put in the request for you.

To be onboarded with our company, all that needs to be completed is our Case-by-Case Service Agreement sent out after the introduction call. This agreement details the following:

  • The Rates
  • The Invoice Terms
  • The Turnaround Times
  • The Contact information for project coordinators and job booking instruction.
  • Mutual NDA Clause – which confirms we will not solicit the site contract/client, and the prospect will not solicit our technicians directly.

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