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How Internet Cutover Services Improved Servicing of 46 Locations for Managed Service Providers


About the Client:
A managed services provider that helped pioneer cloud computing, 40-plus locations.

Managed Service Providers usually have wide coverage. To keep their clients happy and satisfied with their solutions, they need to secure enough facilities and equipment to ensure the longevity of their business as well as the sustainability of servicing the needs of their clients without causing inconvenience.

For this case study, we will talk about how All I.T. was able to support one of the country’s top managed service providers in providing immediate and effective internet cutover services for their 46 locations.

The Challenge:
Urgent Need To provide Internet Cutovers at 46 Different Locations

One of the country’s top managed service providers specializing in cloud computing and network design needed to provide Internet cutover services at 46 client locations. However, they were cut short of staffing on the ground provided the urgency of the task required.

The Solution:
Deployment of All I.T. Nationwide Onsite Support Team (White Label Onsite IT Support)

When they called All I.T. about this concern, All I.T. immediately deployed our standby nationwide onsite support team to perform the internet cutovers while ensuring that the technicians carry the service footprint of the client.

All I.T. field service technicians aided the client’s internal I.T. team, swapped out all of the old equipment with new infrastructure, and then worked with local Internet providers to complete the cutover on the new system. After completion of the project, our All I.T. team continued to work with the client’s internal I.T. support to test connection quality before leaving the sites. The project concluded after a week.

The Result: Successful Completion of the Project within a Week

With the additional and focused help from the All I.T. team of Field Service technicians, the project was successfully completed within a week. Thus, meeting the client’s need for urgency and quality service.


What is White Label Onsite IT Support?

White label onsite IT support is the best solution for an outsourced IT provider or managed service provider seeking to provide prompt and efficient service for all their clients regardless of their locations. These are services that are being offered by a certain solution provider without branding, thus, extending the footprint services of the purchasing company.

All I.T. ensures that our clients are able to meet service footprint expectations anywhere and anytime by prioritizing the client’s goals of productivity and cost-efficiency.

If you need access to a nationwide network of 15,000 technicians in just a single call, All I.T.’s white label services can help you win all opportunities for your business at very reasonable pricing for remote coverage.


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